Workplace dating ethics

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Workplace dating ethics

At the very least, it is wise to take steps to ensure any relationship is brought forward to the company, given visibility to the rest of the workers, and conducted in an-above board manner.Even if you do not have a policy that bans supervisors or executives from dating employees, make sure whatever your policy is has been put down in words, in whatever format you keep your other policies, and that it has been clearly communicated to all of your employees. It was against Priceline’s policy for their executives to have romantic relationships with any of their employees. They had no plans – that I know of anyway – to get rid of their CEO anytime soon. This employee was not his direct report, but that did not matter.It can be hard to get around the legal issues, it is ethically very questionable, and it can truly harm your workplace’s morale and ability to retain employees.To avoid all of these issues, it is a good idea to create a policy that bans supervisors from dating any employee – even one that is not a direct report.No matter how it comes up, you probably do not want to be in a situation where you have to deal with this issue at all.

Sometimes, a truly mutually sought out relationship, once ended, can bring one employee forward with a false story.

However, sometimes, it might be an innocent misunderstanding, such as if the supervisor thinks the relationship is voluntary but the employee feels as if he or she has no choice.

Perhaps it just genuinely was a situation where the supervisor pressured a worker into a relationship.

This got me thinking: What exactly is wrong with these men dating a worker – especially when that worker is not a direct report?

Is it just a moral dilemma or are there legal considerations?

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