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Who is lucinda bassett dating

Nathaniel Bassett was born about 1721 in Goochland (Cumberland Co.) County, VA; he was the brother of my 5th great-grandfather Thomas Bassett IV, also born in Virginia about 1737.

Abner Bassett, married Susannah Harbard, is the son of Nathaniel and Mary Bassett of Virginia.

Paul's Parish (Hanover County) but to date, have been unable to locate copy of the Parish Register.

(4) Susannah Bassett, b 1856, m William Henry Lamar 1874. Have read that they had other children who're recorded in Register of St.

Thomas Bassett IV was murdered in 1781, on Bassetts Creek (Clarke Co., AL) just across the River Tombigbee from his 1,050 acre Plantation situated on Bayou Bassett or Bassetts Creek in Washington County. Thomas IV also had a 750 acre Plantation at Thomas' Bluff, more commonly known as Mc Intosh Bluff, also in Washington County.

The territory was governed by the British Crown until about 1782 at which time became under the provisional government of the Spanish Crown.

John and Elizabeth Bassett had the following three children: William born 1725, Anne born 1726 and Ellinor born 1729.

The following is an excerpt from his LWT: "I give & Bequeath unto Thomas Bassett, my grandson all that part of land which is between Charles Fleming's Spring Branch and the corner ash which is on Charles Fleming's line of Black Creeks Main run hence up the Main Run of Black Creek unto the aforesaid Charles Fleming's Spring Branch, To Have & To Hold the said parts and parcels of land with all the rights and privileges tot he said land unto my Grandson Thomas Bassett and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for the default of such heirs then to descent to my next Heir in blood and so to proceed and descend from heir to heir in a right line forever." William also names the following living children: Anne Bassett (married Thomas More), Ursula Bassett, Mary Bassett (married John Baughan), Anne Bassett (married Charles Bostick), Elizabeth Bassett (married John Howle), Frances Bassett (married Robert Horsley) and son John Bassett who married Elizabeth (possibly Carter).

Thomas IV, a minor at the time of his father's death in 1758, had three guardians of his estate and person.

Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA, was the son of Thomas Bassett II and first wife Elinor (married about 1693). Thomas Bassett II was the son of William Bassett born about 1643 in York Co., VA; William was the only son of Thomas Bassett born 1617 England, sailed from London England on the Truelove in 1635 outbound for Barbados, Bermuda and the Sommers Islands.

Their parents were Thomas (3rd) and Lydia (Howle) Bassett; Thomas Bassett III was born December 10, 1696, St.

The Bassett siblings are buried in the Bassett Cemetery (near present day Leroy) situated on the 1,050 acre Bassett Plantation.

The Bassett descendants still living in Washington County (as well as neighboring counties) number in the hundreds.

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Returning to Thomas Bassett III and Lydia Howle Bassett who had the following children: (yours) Nathaniel Bassett; Frances "Fannie" Bassett who married Joseph Chatwin in Goochland Co., VA, who sold land in Cumberland Co.

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