Who is frankie from the saturdays dating from mcfly

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Who is frankie from the saturdays dating from mcfly

It was The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford's 20th birthday at the weekend, and her bandmates took her out in Covent Garden to celebrate in style.Her boyfriend Dougie Poynter from Mc Fly was also on hand to make sure her special day was perfect — and get blinded by the camera flashes! Frankie's been in the business for a while now, she and her bandmate Rochelle were in the S Club Juniors, and she's admitted that she was concerned how Mc Fly's fans would react to her dating one of their beloved band.She was sunshine and showers, as my mother always called her.It means you’re either bright, or not down as such, but calm – one or the other, no in between.“It feels like he’s always been there – he’s just slotted in.”Viv proclaims her two grandchildren “adorable” as the two women relax on the sofa in the huge kitchen of the location house in which these pictures were taken – the first time the two have agreed to be photographed and interviewed together.

I do appreciate it,” she says, as she does time with the two boys. “You can’t explain it, but it’s a different love.”Viv remembers her own daughter as a child: “Frankie was incredibly cute and full-on.

The Mc Fly lads don’t really do that.” Although the couple battled to save their relationship after reconciling earlier this year, Frankie realised things weren’t working out.

The source told the Metro newspaper: “Frankie felt they had gone as far as they could.

“Normally it’s Mum cooking for us but obviously she can’t do that on Mother’s Day,” says the singer who first found fame, aged just 12, in S Club Juniors, the adolescent spin-off from the hugely successful pop group S Club 7.“It’s weird, because obviously I’m a mum now,” she muses, referring to her sons Parker, two, and five-month-old Carter with her former England footballer husband Wayne Bridge, 35.

“It just doesn’t really feel like it counts yet.”So, despite her fame, Frankie will be spending the day like millions of other dutiful daughters across the country – taking her mum out to celebrate.

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She loved digging up worms, was a bit of a tomboy, always had food down her front. You get two different Frankies.”And, so it turned out, there have been two different Frankies operating throughout her success: glamorous showbiz Frankie, enjoying The Saturdays’ 13 top 10 hits, including the number one What About Us, and dating boyband stars (she went out with Dougie Poynter from Mc Fly for two years); and the Frankie who was once so debilitated by depression, she was hospitalised.

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