Updating metal gear online

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Updating metal gear online

Looking further out, a future MGO update will make changes to the character revive system."In previous MGO titles, it took a little more effort than a single kick to wake up your knocked out allies," Konami said.

"Listening to player feedback, we're looking into requiring that extra effort to wake up your allies, so that there is greater risk when you stick your neck out to revive your friends."Konami is also planning to introduce the MGO T Shirt to the game through another update--but unlike past games, this one will be customizable with different colors and patterns.

Konami is also introducing a new ranking system that appears to be based on player skill.

Balance adjustments to the sprinting and diving reduce your ability to perform these actions one after another.

- Fixed a bug where players would sometimes all be assigned to the same team regardless of party.

(STEAM only) - Fixed a bug where a host migration would result in update process on the remaining players' rank.

Once the Terminals are hacked and the EM Barrier is deactivated, defenders can choose to reactivate the EM Barrier or protect the Missile.

Konami has yet to announced a concrete release date for the content beyond saying that it will arrive in March.

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In addition to paid DLC, Konami will also release new options, tweaks and balance changes to Metal Gear Online in March.

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