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The ODBC driver is implemented as a native API to SQL Server and is a functional replacement of the DB-Library DLL.

The components involved in accessing a SQL Server from an ODBC application are described in the following sections.

Open Data Services receives the TDS packets from the underlying Net-Libraries and then passes the information to SQL Server by calling specific Open Data Services callback functions implemented in the SQL Server code.This paper describes how application programmers using the ODBC API can optimize access to Microsoft® SQL Server® when using the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver.The paper also discusses issues commonly raised by customers who have called Microsoft Support for help with the SQL Server ODBC driver.Programmers writing ODBC 3.0 applications should refer to the The Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver uses the standard SQL Server components for communicating from a client application to the database server.Rather than being implemented as a new layer over SQL Server's older native API, DB-Library, the ODBC driver writes directly to the same Network-Library (Net-Library) layer used by DB-Library.

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The Win32 driver manager is Odbc32.dll; the Win16 driver manager is

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