Updating bsd vs debian

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Several bugs have been fixed too: "Fix UEFI support for USB sticks installed using Universal USB Installer.Fix errors on file system creation in Tails Installer when the target USB stick is plugged before starting Tails Installer.The Boxes virtual machine utility now supports shared folders and Libre Office documents can be signed with Open PGP keys."The Workstation edition of Fedora 27 features GNOME 3.26.Fix Tails Installer on Debian Sid and recent versions of udisks2.

"Linux Mint 18.3 features Timeshift, a tool dedicated to system snapshots.

The Fedora team has announced the release of a new version of their cutting edge Linux distribution.

The new version, Fedora 27, ships with GNOME 3.26 which features a new settings panel and a more comprehensive search page.

Besides the very latest Plasma Desktop (version 5.11.3), the new release also introduces Elisa as the default music player: "Ka OS is pleased to announce the 2017.11 release.

Just days after Plasma 5.11.3, KDE Applications 17.08.3 and Frameworks 5.40.0 where announced, you can already see these in this new release.

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Make the configuration of the keyboard layout more robust when starting a session. Known issues: due to an issue in Tor Browser, the documentation shipped in Tails doesn't open in Tor Browser any more and lacks our sidebar.

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