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As we might expect, the fans who identified strongly with their team had more conflict in their role as fan and family member and a higher perception of strain in their roles.

In terms of behaviors, the moderately-identified fans were more likely than fans low in identification to experience conflict.

If that’s not your thing, find something else that you can learn easily that will motivate you and keep your hands busy while you sit on the sofa or in the stands.Many sports fans enjoy everything that goes with sports apart from the intrinsic interest of the game itself.The social experience of being at a game, or watching a game with other people, is often the sport’s biggest draw.Christopher Greenwell (2012) conducted one of the few studies done on fan-family conflict.Their study, carried out on fans attending a Division 1 college football game, examined the differences in family conflict among fans who described themselves as high, medium, or low in their identification with the team.

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They may devote a considerable share of their time, their finances, and their emotional investment to supporting their devotion to a particular game or team, or just to sports in general.