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And while this fact is easily proven, the Christian world remains in denial.Christians maintain that they are saved by faith totally apart from their actions and works -- and their salvation is guaranteed from the moment they accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Perhaps this can be gauged by a recent interview with Pastor "One of the problems is that the average Christian in the average church who listens to the average Christian broadcasting has such an oversimplified understanding of both the Bible and of church history - it would be deeply disturbing for them to really learn about church history." And truth be told, it can easily be demonstrated that the core purpose and objectives of the original Gospel teachings are so radically different than what is preached from our pulpits today, that the Gospel of the first century would be condemned as heresy if it was presented to a modern congregation of believers.

Christians preach that they are saved by Grace -- and they are guaranteed salvation from the moment they recite their Jesus-prayer.

And thus, there is simply no means for the modern Christian who believes the doctrines of the Church, to even begin to understand what Peter is making reference to.

Because the above statements by both Peter and Paul simply have no place in modern Church dogma -- dogma which is representative of totally manmade explanations by spiritually disenfranchised authorities of the Church -- Christians would rather ignore the implications of these statements of warning, than to seek to understand why the biblical authors wrote these statements of warning to the community of believers.

Christians promote the doctrine that only those who believe can be saved -- and here Peter is stating the opposite is true -- and that those people who claim to believe, and fall back to their old ways where they embrace the culture and ways of this world, will in fact be worse off after they have come to believe, than before they began to believe.

Moreover, the shepherds and blind guides that Peter is making reference to, are those who preach the modern doctrine of using the Gospel as a license to dwell in perpetual sin that is promoted in churches today -- i.e., In what can only be in total opposition to what Christians today believe, Peter states that it would have been better for the entry-level believers to have never heard of the Gospel, than to have heard, and then fall prey to the false shepherds who promise them freedom, but blindly lead the believers into the proverbial ditch.

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