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Because, you know, they're sleeping.)Some teens sleep with light music on. And some, eerily, have the distinctive soft breathing sounds of sleep. I have asked other teens (or younger — I talked with kids as young as 10) why they use You Now, a real-time video broadcasting app. Do adults really ever have a better answer than "I was bored" for anything we do?

I don't know exactly why a teen would broadcast themselves sleeping. The problem with asking a 13-year-old why they do anything is that it's quite difficult to get anything past "I dunno/I'm bored." But that's also the wrong question to ask. The aching desire to cut through the tedium of daily life with human interaction is the driving force of everything on the internet.

The kids on You Now seems to represent the full social map of the lunchroom: theatre kids, hot popular girls, nerds, randos, short show-off-y boys in snapbacks.

The difference is between You Now and the real lunchroom is you can pay to sit at the popular kids' table if you want.

I checked out the kids in the #truthordare channel.

This where a distinct knot in my stomach kicked in.

Lately, I've been enjoying a deeply creepy yet technically totally innocent new activity: lying in bed at night and watching random teens sleep.

I chatted the the other people watching in the #sleepingsquad: Why?

I am thinking very hard back to my teen self, and if this would have appealed to me.

I was shy, and I think I wouldn't have liked the performative nature of it, but it's so hard to compare how normalized this technology is to kids now (for comparison, Myspace didn't exist until I was out of college).

I asked Sideman why these mostly young users (70% are under 24, according to Sideman) would actually pony up cash to enjoy someone playing an Ed Sheeran cover instead of just enjoying an Ed Sheeran cover for free."Most of the fans just enjoy and chat and interact.

Some of the fans want to stand out and want to participate more in, really, the content creation," said Sideman.

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Me: If you could have no homework for a year but you have to let your parent see all your texts for a month, would you do it?

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