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After her parents divorced, she lived with her mom, and since Ruby was young, her mother took her to Japan every year to visit the relatives.

After this series Princess Huanzhuwas broadcast, it enjoyed the highest ratings in China, ruby lin quickly rose to prominence.

Same year, she also casted some of Taiwan TV drama as a supporting roles.

During 1995~1997, Ruby filmed some of Taiwan TV series and people start to notice this new face.

In 2002, Ruby starred in 3 series - Half Life Fate, Boy and Girl and Flying Daggers.

Ruby selected main actress in TV version of Half Life Fate(adapted from Zhang Ailing's novel Eighteen Springs) The movie version of Half Life Fate which directed by Ann Hui, a well-known director in Asia, was not only bit hit, but got favorable criticism widely.

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He is occupied with his business and his grief, and is distant and critical (especially of the older brother). See full summary » Makoto Itou has a crush on Kotonoha Katsura, who rides the same train as him daily.

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