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Endpoint not updating server

Use the Websense Endpoint package builder to create an initial installation package for your endpoints.You must deploy this installation package to your endpoint clients yourself, based on your preference, such as Active Directory GPO or Microsoft SMS.The second section helps you understand the work flow of the endpoint auto-update process, how the endpoint and update server communicate with each other, and how you can add flexibility to the endpoint auto-update feature with different parameters.The endpoints that perform automatic updates regularly check with a Web server to determine if they are at the most current version.The mobile mode is described in detail in Chapter 5 Mobile Computer Management.In the Properties section of the update task properties you can configure copying updates into a separate folder.

If protection tools other than Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8.0 (for example, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac or Kaspersky Anti Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers MP4) are used in your network, they need separate update tasks.

This mode can be used for creating an update source in small networks or subnets without Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server.

In larger networks, update agents are used to create intermediate update sources.

This and other functions are useful in large networks and are described in Unit V of the course KL 002.98. The types of downloaded updates depend on the Update application modules setting in the update task.

The standard schedule for the Kaspersky Endpoint Security update tasks is When new updates are downloaded to the repository.

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Copy the entire contents of the generated package folder (along with the metadata) to the Web server machine (into EP_UPDATE_ROOT/data).