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A year will give you and your woman an initial six months to make sure you really want to date each other and an additional six months to share a serious relationship to cement your commitment.

At the end of a year together, you and your woman will know for sure whether the connection you share is “real” and something you want to continue to share indefinitely.

Pick her a bouquet of wildflowers or make her a handmade card.

It will go over much better than a membership to the gym or a gift certificate for cooking classes.

There are many people on here who have families, young kids, soccer practice, etc. So I have a girl but I came back here for a forum question.Not only will forming a relationship with your girlfriend’s parents change how you approach your relationship, it will also change the way your woman views you and your shared connection.In other words — do not take meeting your girlfriend’s parents lightly.You certainly don’t want to entertain the notion of meeting a woman’s parents until you’re sure she’s worth dating, which means the absolute shortest period of time you should wait to meet a woman’s parents is half a year.You will act with even more sense if you wait about a year to meet a woman’s parents.

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Meeting your girlfriend’s parents marks a momentous milestone in your relationship.

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