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Dating a former meth addict

However, they became extremely worse around the end of May.I could no longer avoid this behavior and what was going on.I will not make this extremely long; because I’m sure anyone who has dealt with a meth addict will understand “most” of the situation/issues.

- He would not eat for days (claims he wanted to look good and slim for “the ladies”).

This is where the largest warning sign came in, and his behavior was more aggressive than normal during sex. - He blamed his behavior on the alcohol, but this was clearly not alcohol related (i.e.

However, he would climax during oral sex, but not the other. hyper activity, no eating, no sleeping, and not wanting sex).

I recently started seeing a 45 year old man, who is a welder, about three months ago. Now, he has distanced himself from me after I told that I knew.

Previous boyfriend who was a meth addict Before this relationship, I had dated a meth addict for almost three years (2007-2010).

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