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Aryan dating page

Thirty years later, in a distant echo of that debate, women on the radical right — who a leading analyst says now comprise 25% of many groups and as many as half of new recruits — are increasingly re-examining their position in the world of white supremacy.And while they are far from radical feminists, many are espousing a new female activism and even leadership — often to the dismay and anger of the men in their movement.In the late 1960s, in the heyday of radical left-wing groups, a debate developed within the Weathermen about the role of revolutionary women, who had been largely confined to supporting their menfolk.Before it was over, the Weathermen were renamed the Weather Underground, and many of the group's women were taking up the gun.

While Ainsworth was widely seen as a heroine, few women tried to emulate her.

"It's easier for women to talk to women, instead of men approaching women," Houston notes.

"When I approach women, I get a much better response than when a man approaches a woman." Adds "Sister Blondi," another Sacramento area women's organizer for the WCOTC: "The fact that I am a fairly young woman, nicely dressed, and white, actually helped. She's a better leader than she was." When dealing with women's self-esteem and confidence, issues that are critical to building future racist leaders, Houston finds that "girls just relate better. It's easier [for women] to talk to [other] women about those things." For her part, Turner uses the Internet and newsletters to advise racist women to raise more children ("We must reawaken in our womenfolk these basic natural instincts and drives"); to push jewelry that celebrates their racial heritage; and to offer information on self-defense.

Indeed, many racist women today are pointing out that they were brought in through a lover or husband, and that many women are not true believers like the men. Using Women to Recruit Women Sitting at a picnic table in Sacramento, 19-year-old Brandi Houston looks like many a young mother as she cradles her baby Freya Geniveve — except for the WCOTC jacket and the Skingirl-style hairdo she sports.

Houston heads up the California chapter of a second WCOTC women's group, "Sisterhood," which works to recruit women to the cause and which also has chapters in Washington and Michigan.

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And Houston coordinates "winter solstice" gatherings and other female recruitment efforts.

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