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Agency dating lithuanian

A new video on Lithuania does not use words, but shows the most vivid emotions of tourists from around the world. more Other activities State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy carries out tourism projects, financed from EU structural funds.

more Growing impact of tourism on the Lithuanian economy 2017-10-13 It is the golden age for tourism now: during the first half of 2017, foreign tourists’ spending in Lithuania grew by almost one tenth and, compared to 2008, increased by almost 50 per cent, or EUR 210 million!

Gross violations of medical practice acts and patients‘ rights may lead to license restriction or loss of a license. State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter – Accreditation Agency) has an extensive experience with participation in international health technology assessment (HTA) projects and successfully keeps increasing competency in this field.

Representing Lithuania in EUnet HTA projects provides opportunities for Accreditation Agency to gain valuable skills regarding HTA at European level and specific knowledge of methodology and develop international partnerships. The fifth meeting of the Working Party on Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices regarding the medical devices was held on the 2nd of December, 2013 in Brussels. The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Union member states, the European Commission, the European Council Secretariat, the Council Legal Service.

A number of violations have been detected and this situation reveals the need for local and systemic changes.

Me and my mother are going to visit your country but we need to have some specific medicine because of my mother's illness.

On your website I found names of elements which are forbidden, but unfortunately I am not in the medicine and do not know all the elements of which this or that medicine consists. Hi, i am working in wholesaler company in Poland and we are about to start trading with Lithuanian wholesalers, I am looking on the website for the list of lithuanian wholesalers that can trade with.

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