3d virtual dating sex game for adults

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3d virtual dating sex game for adults

good game and i noticed alot of the vdate games has scenes from hitman blood money does anyone think that since we never see the male who we are controlling do you think that could be agent 47 or based on him Kelly is the hardest one, its a shame there is only the one ending, if you piss off one girl the game ends but it is easy enough to work out the right options and not too long to restart if you go wrong good game I enjoy this, you can see the advancements that Chaotic made from the earlier ones.

graphics are better, just look at crystal in this to crystal in her own two games. The sex scenes were limp, not a single wild scene and considering the high quality of the of the artwork, I felt extremely let down by the end results !!!

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Nice game, not overly long, plenty of girls to get it on with.

As one commentor says the sex scenes are a total let down: all in the same positions with no variation, in fact it reminds me of looking through a catalogue to get to the lingerie part, but without the thrill of something more promised !!!!Looks like the (normally very good) developers just got lazy on this one !!!!!The one thing that I would have really liked, would to have been if you could have played out the fantasies with the other girls. Nice game like usual, same ending as usual not as interesting as the last one with Christine... I finished the game in 10 minutes and it looks like there`s only one ending to find this time...This might be a little long in the tooth, but is enjoyable all the same. But the endgame is a bit boring: same sex with all 5 girls; no variations to explore.Well done to the programmers for turning a good story into an excellent game. Wish they would put more effort into a satisfying conclusion.

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